Smartway Pharmaceuticals are licensed by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), holding a WDA(H) Licence as well as a Home Office Controlled Drugs Licence. We work with logistics partners to deliver temperature-controlled solutions to all corners of the globe.

Supply of Medicines to Ships

Smartway Marine Medical are able to supply the owners and masters of certain types of ships (including foreign ships) with medicines, including prescription only medicines (POMs) and controlled drugs (CDs), without the need for a prescription or requisition from a doctor. The Merchant Shipping and Fishing Vessels (Medical Stores) Regulations 1995 (amended 1996) sets out the minimum recommended medical stores that must be carried by different types of ships.

Owners or masters of ships are also able to request other medicines that are not included in the minimum medical stores list if they (on the advice of a doctor or pharmacist) consider them necessary for the treatment of people on board the ship.

Controlled Drugs

UK and government ships have a recommended medical stores list. This is includes controlled drugs (CDs) for example, morphine sulfate. Ships must only carry CDs included in this list and within the recommended quantity levels. Exceptions to this are if the CDs are requested by a ship’s doctor or under a Home Office CD Licence.

Malaria and Vaccines

The Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) have produced guidance on malaria prevention and immunisations. Ships sailing to areas of risk for malaria must carry prophylaxis as part of their medical stores as well as treatment. As well as travel vaccines, additional vaccines may be required. Smartway Marine Medical are able to supply these crucial medicines directly to your ship.

The recommended medical stores for UK and government ships (see below) includes CDs. However, as above, ships can only carry CDs included in the list and only in the recommended quantities unless requested by the ship’s doctor or under licence from the Home Office. We are able supply the master of a foreign ship in a port in Great Britain with CDs. Please note in this scenario, the requisition must include a statement signed by the appropriate authority (port health authority officer in England and Wales or medical officer in Scotland) indicating that the quantity of the drug is necessary for the equipment of the ship.

Statutory Requirements for Doctor’s Bag Item Qty Required
Adrenaline tartrate injection (1 in 1,000) 1.0mg in 1ml ampoule 5
Aminophylline injection 25mg/ml, 10ml ampoule 5
Dispersible aspirin 300 mg tablets 50
Atropine 600micrograms/ml, 1ml ampoule 5
Beclomethasone dipropionate 100 micrograms/200 metered doses plus spacer 1
Cefotaxime 1g injection vial for reconstitution 4
Chlorpromazine hydrochloride injection 25mg in 1ml ampoule 1
Cyclizine lactate injection 50mg in1ml ampoule 2
Diazemuls injection 5mg/ml 2ml ampoule 5
Furosemide injection 10mg/ml 2ml ampoule 5
Glucagon injection 1mg with diluent 1ml prefilled syringe 1
Glucose intravenous infusion 5% 1 litre 1
Glucose intravenous injection 50% 50ml ampoule 2
Hydrocortisone sodium succinate powder for constitution with diluent 100mg vial 1
Insulin soluble injection 100units/ml 10ml vial 1
Modified gelatine infusion solution 500ml 2
Morphine sulfate 10mg/ml 1ml ampoule 5
Normal saline 0.9% 1 litre 2
Paediatric paracetamol elixir 250mg/5ml 1 bottle
Prednisolone 5mg tablet 28
Salbutamol inhaler 100mcg, 200 dose plus spacer 1

First Aid Kits

Ships must also carry first aid kits. Sea going ships with a crew of more than 10 should carry first aid kits which should be distributed at appropriate locations around the ship. Passenger vessels must carry one first aid kit for every 100 passengers, or fraction of that number, up to a maximum of 3 kits, e.g. a ship carrying 250 passengers must have 3 first aid kits. A first aid kit should be included in the doctor’s bag (see below)

Each first aid kit should include the following items:

  • 4 x triangular bandages
  • 6 x medium sterile bandages with unmedicated dressings
  • 2 x large sterile bandages with unmedicated dressings
  • 2 x extra large unmedicated dressings
  • 6 medium safety pins, rustless
  • 20 assorted elastic adhesive dressings medicated
  • 2 x sterile eye pads with attachment
  • 2 x packages containing sterile gauze swabs
  • 5 pairs large size disposable latex-free examination gloves
  • sterile eye wash in eye wash bottle

*Reference: National Pharmacy Association July 2018

Occupational Health

Medicines legislation defines an occupational health scheme as a scheme where an employer provides facilities for his/her employees for the treatment or prevention of disease.

Medicines supplied or administered in the course of an occupational health scheme do not need a PGD or individual prescriptions. The medicines must be supplied or administered by a doctor or registered nurse. Where the medicine is classed as prescription only and is supplied or administered by a registered nurse, there is a requirement for written directions of a doctor setting out the circumstances in which it is to be used in the course of the scheme. The law does not specify any requirements for the content of directions.

Stocks of medicines for use in occupational health schemes can be supplied against an order written by a doctor or registered nurse.

Smartway Marine Medical will require the following information:

  • A signed requisition on your company letterhead clearly stating your certifications with registration numbers and the general use for the requested medications
  • Scan emailed to us and a hard copy sent to us of the requisition
  • These rules are as per MHRA regulations.

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