Reference Listing Drugs (RLDs)

At Smartway we recognise the global drive for generic medicines and are committed to support this through the experience within our organisation. We understand the time, effort and planning that is involved in bio-analytical/equivalence studies and through our highly experienced team, we believe we are ideally placed to support your Reference Listed Drugs (RLDs) sourcing and supply needs in this sector.

We understand that timing is of a paramount importance in the supply chain for products associated with the Clinical Trials and will draw on our considerable experience and dedication to develop innovative sourcing and supply solutions to support your ‘first to file/market’ timelines.

Our experienced Clinical Trial Supply sourcing team has the ability to access products globally and through a variety of regulated channels. We are also highly experienced in GMDP which allows us to manage all aspects of shipping to ensure a validated and transparent process and therefore guarantee the integrity of your product from sourcing point to its end destination.

In summary, Smartway Clinical Trials Supply can offer you:

  • A reliable, audited, cost-effective, secure and compliant service
  • Guarantee of supply sourced through the most appropriate route
  • Securing supply of RLDs in short supply
  • Complete confidentiality to our customers
  • A service designed by our team tailored to suit your business need
  • A rapid and an accurate response to your inquiry
  • Certification of RLDs through our qualified person (QP), where available
  • Providing documentation and relevant product information
  • Safe and cost-effective shipment solution under cold chain and ambient temperature to the Clinical Trial site.

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Smartway has a Controlled Drug Licence (Schedule 2, 3, 4 [Part I & II] &5) issued by the Home Office department of the British Government

Smartway is a proud member of both the London and Merton Chambers of Commerce