Meet the leadership team

Welcome from Josh Cocklin, Chief Executive

The medical and pharmaceutical landscape is a place of continual improvement. New advances, technologies, and initiatives require a supply chain that’s quick to adapt and respond. Meanwhile, ever-increasing pressure on financial performance makes efficient, effective supply more important than ever before. However, innovation is just one part of what makes a valuable pharmaceutical supply partner. Indeed, many of the things that healthcare institutions like hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, GP practices, and dental practices require remain remarkably consistent.

Innovation meets resilience and stability

At Smartway Pharmaceuticals, we pride ourselves on our ability to hold our position at the forefront of pharmaceutical and healthcare products. But what makes this possible is the same set of core values that have been with us from our earliest beginnings. More than two decades ago, Smartway was founded on timeless principles like quality, ethics, and impact. We entered the industry providing an unparalleled level of care to our partners and our customers, in turn empowering them to deliver unparalleled care to their patients. Today, those core values remain intact.

Despite our ability to adapt to changing needs, global markets, and new opportunities, Smartway is – and has always been – robust, strong, and steadfast in its commitment to those who rely on us, wherever they may be in the world.

Executive board

Josh Cocklin, Chief Executive

With unrivalled experience in healthcare compliance and regulation, Josh leads Smartway with the advantage of insight from across the pharmaceutical and medical landscape.
His experience includes over 12 years’ in regulatory compliance and investigations. He combines his diligent, strategic approach with a constant commitment to ethics and responsible business. Josh has also advised on a large number of regulatory issues, including those involving the MHRA, GPhC, GMC and HMRC.
Today, Josh uses this breadth of experience to inform Smartway’s overall strategic direction, manage our relationship with regulators, and identify important new opportunities.

“We are always exploring new opportunities and developing new ways to grow Smartway on a global scale. But, above all else, we remain committed to our key values: ethics, care, quality and patients. Nothing is more important.”

Kirti Patel, Director

With extensive experience growing successful pharmacy businesses, Kirti plays an important role in maintaining Smartway’s commitment to clinical excellence and quality.
After qualifying as a pharmacist in 1991, Kirti’s pharmaceutical experience crossed the entire spectrum. She spent time managing branches for Lloyds Pharmacy, as well as refurbishing, updating and growing independent pharmacies while also co-founding Smartway Pharmaceuticals.
Today, with both pharmacies now sold, Kirti equips Smartway with her patient-centric approach, extensive experience and insight into the real needs of practitioners and patients alike.

“Alongside my husband, I have always been deeply involved in Smartway. Now, I’m able to focus all my energy, enthusiasm and expertise into growing our business on a global scale.”

Bharat Patel, Chief Financial Officer

Since Smartway Pharmaceuticals was founded, Bharat Patel has played an important role in establishing and maintaining our financial stability. However, he also brings a forward-thinking, diligent mindset that influences everything from our organisational structure to software systems and processes. As a member of the Associated of Certified Chartered Accountants (ACCA), Bharat comes with hands-on experience at every level of business, including the unique demands of a pharmaceutical setting. Drawing on this expertise, Bharat handles our day-to-day cashflow and financial planning, identifies strategic investments, and leads our key financial decisions. During his time at Smartway, key achievements include a 2014 restructure of the company to improve our robustness and resilience, and the implementation of new software for faster, easier and more accurate decision making.

“The thing I’m most proud of is the successful finance team I have built. I’m proud to work alongside people who are not just capable, but also committed to doing more and going further to support our colleagues, supply chain and customers.”

Kaushik Patel, Chief Commercial Officer

Kaushik Patel has been a fundamental part of Smartway’s success. As Chief Commercial Officer, he is instrumental in managing our sales and purchasing function and a managing partner in the business. His extensive knowledge of the global pharmaceutical market and experience in Europe has led to the Company's continual growth. His knowledge of IT has been key to the implementation of new technology and automation in our core warehouse and administrative functions. Kaushik embodies the core values of Smartway and is a key player, overseeing Smartway’s global presence and expansion.

“Smartway’s journey to where it is today has been remarkable and I am proud to have been involved from the outset. We have an exceptional team of staff, without who this would not have been achievable. I look forward to further growth as we expand our operations globally. Our strategic goals have remained unchanged and we continue to be dedicated to our ultimate customer- the patient.’’

Zeeshan Siddiqui, Director of Operations

As our Director of Operations , Zeeshan brings his board-level healthcare experience to everything we do. His diligence, determination and objective approach sit behind every one of our strategic decisions and day-to-day operations. Before Smartway, Zeeshan built on his pharmacy qualification from Kings College London with a Postgraduate Diploma in Pharmacy Practice from University College London and, later, front line experience in the NHS and private practice. From managing 1400 staff across multiple NHS hospital sites to handling regulatory compliance as Chief Pharmacist, Head of Medicines Management, Superintendent Pharmacist and Responsible Person. Earlier this year, he completed his MBA.

Zeeshan’s experience is diverse and wide-ranging. At Smartway, this experience underpins Zeeshan’s work and his tireless commitment to clinicians and, ultimately, patients.

“At Smartway, I know I’m working in a team that cares about the same things I do: outstanding service, unparalleled quality and a constant focus on the importance of the medicines that we guide through the healthcare sector.”

Dhruv Patel, Commercial Director

With a track record of commercial success, Dhruv Patel helps Smartway think, plan and act strategically to not only reduce our commercial risk, but also grow sustainability and responsibly. As a qualified pharmacist, Dhruv’s experience has included managing brand name pharmacies, pharmaceutical sales teams and more. The breadth of these roles means Dhruv uniquely understands the importance of patient and practitioner experience, as well as the commercial realities of running and growing a successful business. Today, he identifies strategic opportunities for Smartway, as well as new ways to drive efficiency and performance in our existing operations.

“Since I joined Smartway, we’ve grown globally with offices in Dubai, the Balkans, and big plans for the future. I think the secret to this growth is our people – it’s their dedication and commitment that makes Smartway a success.”

Smartway is an MHRA approved wholesaler of pharmaceutical products with Wholesale Distribution Authorisation (Human & Veterinary) issued by the British Government

Smartway is registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC). GPhC Registration No. 2068514. Pharmacy Registration No. 9010774

Smartway has a Controlled Drug Licence (Schedule 2, 3, 4 [Part I & II] &5) issued by the Home Office department of the British Government

Smartway is a proud member of both the London and Merton Chambers of Commerce